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Many of our clients choose the end of the year (to use their remaining marketing budgets!) or  beginning of the year to start planning changes for their exhibits, including updating graphics. For those that tend to exhibit in smaller booth spaces, trade show display graphics are of the utmost importance – they need to be both eye catching and effective, and get your message and brand across to the attendee in the 3-5 seconds it takes them to glance over your booth on the show floor. How can you possibly win over an attendee and turn your graphics into a conversation piece in just that instant? Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of your graphics and make a big impression in even a small space.


  • Using too many words should be avoided when designing for trade show booths. With only a few seconds to catch the eye of an attendee, your graphics should include no more than 6 to 10 words, along with your company name/logo.
  • When paired with the right image that also communicates your message, your 6-10 chosen words will complement the graphic to create a powerful exhibit that will immediately spark interest and draw in booth visitors.
  • When choosing your message, try to deliver a benefit statement. The attendees want to know what’s in it for them. Don’t waste your verbiage on listing product numbers or specs. Save that for handouts.
  • Artsy, hard to read fonts should also be avoided – stick with a basic serif or sans-serif style and use no more than 2 fonts per graphic. Your image is your art, not the text associated with the image.
  • The text needs to be a minimum of 4” tall, or a minimum of 1” for every 3 feet you step away from the exhibit. Keep all important text at eye level – never below 5 ft. from the floor.
  • Choose one large, well-cropped image over a smattering of small images, to fill the majority of your display. Crop the image to focus on its effectiveness. Be sure that the image you are using is a high-resolution image; never try and make a low quality image into a high quality impression.
  • The use of lighting in your exhibit space makes a big impact and puts a spotlight on your brand and message. Without good lighting, your graphics, message and brand can simply fade away into the exhibit space. We suggest positioning lights every two to three feet, and for optimum effect, light the entire back wall, not just the header.


If you are unsure about the image you have chosen to use in your display graphics, consult your graphic designer or exhibit design company for assistance. We’ve got the experience and the know-how to make your exhibit – large or small – stand out and get noticed by the attendees you are hoping to reach

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