Outdated Trade Show Graphics Translate into Poor Impressions

What started out as the best trade show display ever… ten years ago, could now be dead weight dragging you under at your trade shows. An entire re-do might be necessary, but if you’re pinching pennies this year, some simple upgrades might be enough to give that outdated display (or outdated trade show graphics) the facelift it needs to be a contender at your next show.


There are several reasons why your old faithful might need to be retired, or at the very least, undergo some cosmetic surgery. Whether your needs have changed or your display isn’t as effective as it used to be, here are a few reasons why your display might need a facelift:


        ·  Your business has evolved and your marketing message is different than it used to be.

        ·  Your branding has changed so you have a new logo, new color scheme, new look and feel.

        ·  Your display is falling apart, literally. With constant use, comes wear and tear. It happens.

        ·  Your booth staffers have changed and your new ones want something different (maybe something more portable or easier to set up).

        ·  Your trade shows have changed. Maybe you exhibit more frequently now and need a larger display. Or maybe you exhibit at one large show and multiple small conferences, so a display that can be reconfigured or that is versatile might work best for your different needs.

·         If your display isn’t attention-grabbing and attendees are walking by without even noticing you. You can bet they notice your competitors and their display though.



If you found yourself nodding while reading the above points, these next tips are for you. Here are a few ways you can give your existing display a facelift of sorts:


·         Replace your graphics. GraphiColor Exhibits can reskin any display with fresh, compelling graphics no matter where your display came from originally.

        ·         Add LED lights to your display to create a mood for your booth. Think, ambiance!

        ·         You can revamp a stale display by adding technology to your booth space.

        ·    Add another component to your booth that will be complimentary to your existing display. You can add simple marketing messages to your existing booth by supplementing a banner stand, hanging banner, counter, or kiosks.


The above are just a few general facelift ideas. There are a lot more options depending on what type of display you’re currently using, and what direction you want to take your display in. Let’s chat about your options!

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