Selfies Saving you Money on Shipping Disasters?

Our nation is obsessed with selfies; otherwise known as you taking your own photo of yourself. There’s even an annoying song out about it now, but the point is: photo-taking can save you money when it comes to unexpected shipping disasters. If you’ve been in the industry for long then you know that nothing is “fool-proof”. Not even the durable, sturdy shipping cases that are carrying your beautiful trade show investments from show to show.  

So how can taking a photo save you money?

Consider our client’s display (photo on the right). It’s a 10×10 fabric pop-up. You’re seeing the back of the graphic and you’ll notice the dirt, tears and damage that didn’t exist before shipping. We may never know exactly what Shipping Damageshappened, but our assumption is that our client’s durable, sturdy shipping case opened in transit and the display fell out. That’s one surprise no one appreciates.

Here are a few ways to ensure you’re covered for insurance purposes when these nasty, unexpected surprises arise because of shipping your trade show display:

1. Always take thorough photos of your display before shipping to your show. Keep a document of any and all instances of wear and tear for your records.

2. Always take thorough photos of your display set up at the show. Update your document with any new findings.

3. After the show, when you get your display shipped back, always inspect your display immediately to check for damage, and again, update your document with new findings.

4. You can also wrap your shipping case in stretch film to ensure it doesn’t open during transit.

Shipping Protection Wrap


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