The Basics of Trade Show Marketing

While it’s important to build brand visibility by attending trade shows, you must also have a marketing process in place that will help you get the traction you want. Let’s look into what trade show marketing is and the best strategies you can implement to ensure a better ROI.

What Is Trade Show Marketing?

Trade show marketing takes on the same definition of what marketing does, but it’scustom island exhibit centered around trade shows. It’s all about the activities your business utilizes to promote your brand’s products and services. It helps identify your ideal clients and customers using advertising, promotions, and other tactics. Understanding the marketing mix while prepping for a trade show can be effective. Product, price, place, promotion, and people all work together in creating an effective strategy that gets results.

Trade Show Marketing Strategies

As an offline marketing tactic, you must capitalize on trade shows to build relationships that can positively impact your bottom line while creating a strong brand identity that lasts beyond the event. There are a few strategies you can implement to build awareness, or to market a new product/service launch. Your overall trade show marketing strategy should begin before the show, continue during the show, and after. It all starts with your goals. What would you like to achieve? How will you measure results? Are your goals attainable? As soon as you decide to participate in a trade show, you should also go ahead and register to save money and secure a great booth location. Researching the types of booths that get the most attention will also help you understand how you can position your display for the most traction. Here are a few additional tips:


  1. Create personalized emails to your mailing list, call your clients and vendors, and advertise in trade magazines.
  2. Send invitations to VIP clients and other exhibitors you want to visit your trade show booth.
  3. Create buzz through social media.
  4. Always be prepared for an influx of traffic. That means you should stock up on giveaways, company literature, business cards, brochures, and other branded items.


  1. Use the resources of the exhibit hall to announce where you are and if you are making special presentations.
  2. Have engaging activities.
  3. Give out personalized merchandise so you will remain top-of-mind.


  1. Follow up with prospects immediately by phone or email to seal the deal or build relationships.
  2. Send emails and thank-yous to those who visited your display.
  3. If individuals who RSVP’d to your personal invitation didn’t show up at the event, send them a special note acknowledging that you missed their presence.

Working With a Trade Show Display Company

A professional trade show display company can hcustom exhibit booth designelp you put together beautiful displays that will attract your ideal customers. Trade show marketing experts can also provide assistance in graphic design, materials selection for display, and so much more. If you’re looking for an experienced trade show display company in Michigan, turn to GraphiColor Exhibits. We provide a full line of services, including exhibit storage, event signage, trade show management, and exhibit design. We’d love to help you customize your next trade show display.

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