Corporate Interior Design

Corporate Office Design

corporate interior designThere are many important concerns when starting a business. So much so that you may be tempted to ignore or overlook corporate interior design. However, that could be a costly mistake. Through corporate office design, you can present an aura of professionalism and taste, as well as caring and concern, to all who enter your space, customers and employees alike.

The goals of your corporate interior design depend somewhat upon the type of business you run and your overall strategy. However, here are some ideas of what interior, as well as exterior, design can accomplish for you and your business.

Identification and Branding

While e-commerce is increasingly prevalent, many companies still do business at brick-and-mortar locations. For many businesses, this is a necessity; some transactions simply cannot be carried out through e-commerce.

If you do business at a physical location, especially if you are part of a commercial complex in which you rent office space, then it is important to stand out from the others so that your customers can find you. However, branding on the office interior is no less important.

A brand has been described as a cluster of perceptions. When you incorporate branding into a tasteful interior design scheme, you can influence the perceptions that other people have about who you are as a corporate entity.

Therefore, it is important to include your branding as part of a unified design scheme. Obviously, this can include reception signage featuring your logo on prominent display. However, it also involves custom wallpaper that complements your corporate colors and projects an atmosphere of welcome, professionalism, and confidence.

Inspiration and Motivation

corporate office designHowever, your interior office design should not be targeted only at your customers. It can also have a profound effect on your employees. Office space that is comfortable, efficient, and appealing can help inspire loyalty among employees and inspire them to do their best work.

Your branding can influence the perceptions of your employees as well as customers. Many workers have a need, or at least a desire, to be a part of something that is larger than themselves. Your branding strategy helps to inspire feelings of belonging, unity, and teamwork among your employees.

When devising an interior office design scheme, it is important to give careful thought to the colors you choose. Colors relate to your branding, but they can also affect your employees on a subconscious level. There is a whole subspecialty of psychology devoted to studying how colors can influence people’s behavior or mood.

For example, if your workplace is a high-stress environment, you may want to consider incorporating cool colors of blue, green, and purple into your design scheme, as they help to promote calm and relaxation. On the other hand, if you want to empower your workforce, you may want to include red, considered to be strong and impactful.

Information and Communication

Prospective employees or customers may come into your waiting area not really knowing who you are or what to expect from your business. You can leverage the power of technology to convey this information in a way that is readily accessible, efficient, and attractive. For example, your design scheme could incorporate items like touchscreen monitors or digital kiosks.

These interactive displays can convey the necessary information while keeping prospects in control of what information they want to access according to what they are interested in. This allows your visitors to get their basic questions answered while freeing up reception staff to address more complicated matters that require the attention of a human being.

At GraphiColor Exhibits, we understand that effective corporate office design takes your business strategy into consideration. Contact us today, and we will work with you to design a beautiful and functional office space that is consistent with your individual business needs.

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“It’s easy for me to recommend the GraphiColor Team. They helped our company redesign our Expo space. They took complicated medical concepts and created banners that were easy to understand and visually appealing. My team wanted signs that were easy to set up/ break down and they delivered! If your company is looking for an Expo space that is impressive and stands out, The GraphiColor Team is wonderful to work with.”
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