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Complete Trade Show Storage and Logistics for Your Exhibit

Whether your trade show display consists of a small, simple booth or something much larger and more complex, it is still necessary to have it at the venue and properly assembled before the show starts. Because most trade show exhibits are used for multiple shows, the display will also need broken down and securely stored until the next show.

While these might sound like simple tasks, they can actually be complicated and time consuming if not done properly. Here are some benefits of having a professional exhibit company handle your trade show storage and logistics.

Trade show storage

Assistance With Shipping Details

If your display is stored at an off-site location, you’ll be responsible to make sure it gets transported carefully and on time to the correct venue. The larger and more involved the display, the more issues can arise during this process. What if some pieces don’t arrive? What if the display arrives broken? It is difficult to have a successful trade show booth without a display. A professional exhibit company can:

  • Deliver all your display items personally
  • Help ensure fragile items are handled with care
  • Prevent pieces from being lost in transit
  • Get the display to the correct venue on time
  • Provide you with a reliable point of contact for any questions or concerns

Imagine the time you would save if all you had to do was make one phone call or send one email with times and venue details and you could be confident your exhibit would be waiting for you whenever and wherever you need it. Allowing a company to perform this service can eliminate stress and common logistics issues.

Exhibit Storage Detroit

The goal of having a booth at a trade show is to attract visitors so you can build your brand and grow your business. When you don’t have to worry about making sure your exhibit arrives on time and undamaged, you will have more time to devote to prepping your staff for the event.

Secure Exhibit Storage

After you’re done with a show, don’t bother spending hours taking down your exhibit, packing it properly for storage and driving it to an inconveniently located warehouse. Instead, let a professional exhibit company do the work for you. An experienced team with the right tools on hand can make sure your display is packed up securely and ready to go into storage. Once it is efficiently packed, the team can load the display and transport it to a special warehouse to be stored until the next time you need it. Most offices don’t have the space to store a bulky exhibit or would rather use the space for something more valuable. Also, most warehouses don’t specialize in exhibits that can be fragile and awkwardly shaped, which can lead to a display being damaged. Entrust your exhibit to a professional warehouse with employees experienced in trade show storage.

Trade Show Storage and Logistics Made Simple

The professionals at GraphiColor Exhibits take the frustrating and time-consuming process of shipping, packing up and storing your trade show display so you don’t have to. We store your exhibit at one location and ship it wherever you need it, so there are no issues if consecutive shows are in opposite directions. We also provide you with the assurance your display will arrive on time and undamaged from one show to the next, and won’t be mishandled or improperly stored in between shows. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly who to contact with any questions about your exhibit or timing.

When you need someone you can trust with your trade show exhibit storage and logistics, GraphiColor is the answer. Contact us today to learn more about all our exhibit solutions.


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