Display Accessories

Display accessories add the perfect final touches to your booth.

You’ve got your exhibit designed and produced – but what else might you need in your space? Have you thought of a table throw, LED lights, furniture options, flooring options, convenient cases that double as podiums or counters or hanging banners? What about a brochure stand, monitor stand or iPad station? It’s amazing what these small items can add to the look and functionality of your exhibit space. Share with us what you’d like to accomplish, and we’ll find the trade show display accessories to match!

trade show display accessories


Lighting has a huge impact on your displays. It allows you to highlight certain areas of your advertisements, create dramatic affects and grab the attention of those visitors walking by. We have many different lighting style options, including LED and halogen styles. Don’t overlook the effect lights can have on your trade show displays. Many trade show locations don’t offer the lighting you need to showcase the displays you worked so hard on.


Give your guests somewhere they can relax! Most trade show attendees have been walking nonstop for hours on end. Draw them in with a place to take a load off! Seating options also give you a space to invite visitors, chat about your products and host meetings. You can even comfortably give demonstrations with our many different options. Whatever your style, we offer a variety of seating options.


Display cases can help protect your investments! Most of our clients use their display materials time and time again. That’s why we tell them to protect their high-quality displays. Our cases will cover your displays and protect them from wear and tear. They also make for easier set-ups and tear-downs. If you’re planning on using your displays at multiple events, we highly suggest these cases. We have multiple case styles to take care of all your different trade show displays!


It’s easy to add not only dimension, but also space to mingle with your customers, to your entire exhibit design. Our portable counters are the ideal addition to host sales discussions, product demonstrations and greeters. Counters give your space a place where visitors can approach and be welcomed into your booth. We have many different counter options, from modular to locking and reception style desks.


Kiosks give your trade show display the technology boost it needs to grab the attention of those passing by. These easy-to-use kiosks are essential for increasing interaction between you and your attendees. These units can be equipped with many different accessories such as monitor mounts, keyboards, lights and various graphics. Draw even more attention to your message at your next show!

Hanging Banners

Display your message up where everyone on the exhibit floor can see it! Our hanging banners are great for posting overhead signage that increases your chances of being seen. Draw in more visitors by maximizing your visibility on the floor. These hanging banners help to emphasize your presence amongst hundreds of other trade show exhibitors. Allow your visitors to spot your booth from aisles away!

trade show exhibit booth design


Our podium options are just smaller counter spaces to hold meetings and to display products and important information regarding your brand and your products. Our podiums are also great for any speakers you may have presenting at your booth. Podiums give your booth a focal point and a place for guests to approach your team members. Let your staff and your products be easily seen with these essential additions.

Literature Stands

We offer a wide selection of trade show literature stands for presenting your marketing and necessary sales materials. Literature stands and brochure holders nicely compliment your exhibit and keep everything looking clean and organized. We feature lightweight portable stands that are easy to set up and compact to ship or carry. These are a must if you want your visitors to easily take home more information regarding your brand and products.

Table Throws

Don’t forget about even the smallest of details—dress up your tables! Adding a tablecloth or throw gives your exhibit a refined and polished look. We offer a wide variety of sizes to ensure all of our fabric covers fit your tables perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about anything looking untidy. These covers are a great way to also add sophistication and an overall professional look to your brand.

Carpet and Flooring

Trade show carpet and flooring is easy to install and very eye-catching. Amongst all things, it adds much needed comfort to your display. Trade show floors can be hard on your feet. Save you and your guests the pain from that uncomfortable floor. We offer a large selection of options, depending on the color and texture you’re looking for. They’re also very durable—guaranteed to last well beyond the length of your exhibit.


Free Design & Consultation

We’re proud to offer free exhibit design and consultation services to our clients. Our team of talented professionals can assist you with planning and executing the perfect trade show booth and display.

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