Trade Show Banners

trade show bannersTrade show banners are GraphiColors’ specialty: Whether you are seeking a trade show banner, conference banner, retractable banner stands, tension fabric displays, tabletop banner or an outdoor banner for your business, we have got a solution for you.

GraphiColor understands that these components are an ideal exhibit solution for any exhibitor, retail space, college, medical office or financial institution. Our banner stands, trade show banners and conference banners are lightweight, easy to set up and include high-quality printed graphics and come backed with a lifetime hardware warranty.

In addition to exhibit banners GraphiColor also specializes in trade show displays, tradeshow booths, trade show booths 10×10, pop up displays, expo displays, and more. Contact us today for more details.

Retractable Banner Stands

Many of our clients choose retractable banner stands as a core component of their trade show promotional materials and display showcases. We think that’s because these products offer a compelling brand message that can fit into even the tightest of spaces.

These retractable stands are easy to travel with and to take with you to off-site meetings. Browse our wide selection of retractable banner options.

Tension Fabric Displays

tension fabric displays or tension banner stands are versatile and dynamic advertisements made from stretch fabric. These banner stands are eye-catching and attractive ways of showcasing your products. We have multiple options to choose from with these elegant stands. We’ll work with you to show you how you can make the most out of these affordable stands. These durable, wrinkle-resistant options won’t let you down. Create curves that aren’t possible with other stands.


Invest in a banner stand that can last outside. Our outdoor options have weighted bases, and are extremely durable when it comes to wind and other weather-related instances. Some of our models have spring loaded poles that make them flexible. These stand types are convenient and very affordable. Indoor banners won’t hold up when you put them against nature’s elements. Let’s get you displays that will stand the test of time.

Elevate Your Brand With Dazzling Trade Show Banners

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has just stepped onto the trade show floor. Visitors are all around, wandering through the maze of exhibits. It’s almost overwhelming. You have a good view of the exhibitors near the entrance, but there is so much to see. Expo banners are everywhere. It’s time to start looking for the hidden gems of the show. The problem is that you don’t know where to start.

As an exhibitor, you want to attract this person’s attention because you have the hidden gem. You want to be the star of the trade show. You want to draw a crowd. From a distance, dazzling banners on trade show banner stands will attract visitors.

Conference Banners

conference bannersWhen someone sees your conference banners and engages you, you can meet with that person one-on-one. During that interaction, you can:

  • Show or demonstrate your products or services;
  • Introduce key managers or employees;
  • Distribute brochures and other informational material; and
  • Hand out branded promotional items.

This introduction can only happen if the visitor arrives at your table. One of the tools for making that happen is your conference banner. Its most important job is to attract visitors from a distance. Your banners must spark interest in paying a visit.

Expo Banner Design

Designing trade show banners that attracts attention is one of our specialties. To help this process along, we offer exhibit design and consultation as a free service. Our team members are skilled in all aspects of exhibit, booth and display design. Our goal is to make your exhibit the best-looking one at the trade show.

Banners Should Reflect the Brand

Any marketing professional will tell you that your brand should have a consistent look and feel. A consistent brand impression is essential for ongoing brand recognition. Your trade show and conference banners are a vital part of the brand recognition strategy.

Once again, our design team comes to the rescue. They will help come up with a banner design that both attracts visitors’ attention and showcases your brand.

Banners Should Be Durable

Your custom banners and other trade show materials are valuable company assets. The high-quality material and skilled fabrication make them usable over the course of many trade shows. The need to reuse these banners makes it critical to understand how to preserve and store them between trade shows.

However, conference banners are not indestructible. It’s necessary to store them correctly between shows. Without proper care, there is no guarantee that they will be in suitable condition for the next trade show.

There is an alternative to self-storing these materials. If you choose, we can store your banners, trade show banner stands and other exhibit materials for you. They will be cared for in our secure warehouse between shows or for as long as you wish.

Banners Should Be Transportable

Sending a large shipment of banners and other exhibit materials to a tradeshow can be difficult and complicated. Whether it travels in a plane with checked baggage, as packages with a parcel carrier or by rented truck, there are elements of risk. The materials must arrive at the tradeshow on time and intact.

If we store your banners and exhibit materials, we can deliver your items from our storage facility to the trade show location. Exhibit setup and breakdown services are also available. When the trade show is over, we can bring them back for storage.

We Can Satisfy All Your Trade Show Needs

Trade show banners are only one aspect of our business. Here at GraphiColor Exhibits, we deal with all types of tradeshow material. In addition to our design and fabrication services, we also have an inventory of rental exhibits. These are convenient to new exhibitors or customers who require a quality exhibit in a short timeframe. You can contact us through our online form, or call us at 248-965-0325.


Tension Fabric Display


Strategic Marketing

Trade shows are an essential component of many companies’ marketing strategies. Making the most of these experiences requires time, money and planning, but it also requires the right tools. Your event banners have to stand out from the dozens of other exhibits around your booth. GraphiColor Exhibits combines high-impact visuals with dynamic designs to create stunning banners that grab attention, communicate your value and support your brand’s messaging.

Custom Banners Get Attention

Strong, memorable visuals are key in any marketing strategy. You probably already understand the value of visual imagery, but a few facts help put this into perspective:

  • The human brain can process visual information in as little as 13 milliseconds.
  • Our brains can process images up to 60,000 times faster than text.
  • Around 90% of the information that’s processed by our brains is visual in nature.

When visitors hit the floor at any Michigan trade show, your window of opportunity begins. As quickly as their brains process everything they’re seeing, they’ll decide just as quickly which exhibits they want to visit. Generic signage doesn’t provide the same impact as custom displays that reflect your brand’s distinctive attitude, ethos and vision.

Trade Show and Graphic Design Experts

At GraphiColor Exhibits, we pair graphic design and branding services to create trade show and conference banners in a wide range of display formats to meet your needs. Our team of professionals includes award-winning designers and trade show experts offering a combined 40 years of experience and a consultative approach. With our expertise and methodology, we’re uniquely suited to help you effectively and consistently convey your brand’s message in a bustling trade show environment.

No matter what you need, GraphiColor is committed to helping you succeed. Our conference banners and exhibit products are backed by lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects. With on-brand design and high-quality materials, we offer tools to help you make the most of your trade show and event marketing efforts.

GraphiColor Exhibits Reviews

“It’s easy for me to recommend the GraphiColor Team. They helped our company redesign our Expo space. They took complicated medical concepts and created banners that were easy to understand and visually appealing. My team wanted signs that were easy to set up/ break down and they delivered! If your company is looking for an Expo space that is impressive and stands out, The GraphiColor Team is wonderful to work with.”
Miller V. 1/20/2019

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