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Marketing Display Stands

retractable banner standsRetractable banner stands are constructed to set up and tear down quickly, as well as store and transport easily. These qualities make them ideal for use at Michigan trade shows where you want to make the most of the time that you do have to attract the attention of potential clients and communicate with them effectively.

Steps for Setting Up a Retractable Banner Stand

Setting up a retractable banner stand is generally a straightforward process. However, different types of stands have some slight variations. It is important to know exactly the kind of banner stand that you have and its particular quirks before you start to set it up.

For example, the bases of some banner stands have stabilizing, swinging feet below. To give the base of the stand the correct support, it is important to be sure that these feet are in the correct position. You should do this before you start the assembly. However, if the base of your unit does not have stabilizing feet, there is no need to concern yourself with this step.

While the setup is a relatively quick and easy process for one person to complete, it is helpful to first gather all the materials and set them out in front of you. This allows you to make sure that you have everything you need. The support pole and the base usually come in their own travel case or bag.

From that point, setup is a simple process:

  • Set up the support pole by placing it into the slot on the base.
  • Take hold of the banner and slowly extend it up from the base.
  • Pull the banner up to the desired height, making sure it is taut.
  • Attach the banner to the support pole.

Advantages of Marketing Display Stands

Compared to other marketing display stands, retractable banners have several features that make them exceptionally well-suited for use at trade shows in Michigan.

  1. Affordability: Most companies do not have thousands of dollars to spend on trade show displays, as effective as these might be at attracting attention. Retractable banner stands should only cost you a few hundred dollars, making them a much more reasonable investment.
  2. Efficiency: In addition to the ease of setup already discussed, if you have a couple of marketing display stands, they can be set up within a span of only about five to 10 minutes. This may go even faster if you have another person to help you.

Retractable banners also help to use a small space more efficiently. Their vertical orientation means that they take up a very small footprint. This is an important consideration when the area that you have to work with at your booth may be limited.


If desired, you can swap out the graphics used in your display stands and replace them with new ones. It is important to do this carefully so that you do not lose the tension or roll up the graphic incorrectly. However, the process is relatively simple as long as you are careful to follow the directions exactly.

If you have two or more banner stands, you can create a large display for relatively little money. All it takes is a variety of graphics that, when arrayed next to one another, form a complete picture.

Considerations for Using Retractable Banner Stands

As you are pulling the banner up from the base during setup, it is important not to go too fast. Otherwise, you end up damaging the poster and the track.

A retractable banner stand may not be the best choice for long-term display. Over time, the spring that creates the tension can become weak. You may want to consider other types of marketing display stands on a permanent basis. Our design experts at GraphiColor Exhibits in Michigan can help you choose the trade show products and services you need. Contact us for more information.

Retractable banner stands are uniquely versatile. They’re a powerful marketing tool that can help bring your brand to life. They also happen to be the display piece most customers start shopping for. People sometimes believe they are designed for a single purpose, but that’s not true. In fact, there are much better ways to make use of your investment than sticking in the broom closet between trade shows.

Marketing Display Stands

Display stands are all about the message or graphic, and because they can be so easily re-skinned and re-created with new graphics and messages, they are indispensable assets for any growing business!

4 Ways to Use and Re-Use Retractable Stands

Here are four exceptional ways to use and re-use your banner stand when it may otherwise be considered “off-duty”.

  1. Use in corporate lobbies to explain products; act as a welcome sign or give a brand overview. Educate your clients while they wait.
  2. Banner walls (grouping multiple banner stands together) can create a beautiful mural or backdrop in an office space and create a welcoming and inviting display for your customers.
  3. If your agency is trying to win a big job, stick the banner stands in the conference room as an impressive part of your sales presentation.
  4. Increase morale, drive productivity, and reinforce company values within the workplace.

Why stop at 4 when you can have 20? Ask us about our fact sheet download and dust off the old faithful.

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