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Why Modular Displays Can Help Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Trade shows and other public events are necessary when building a brand or business. However, these events can often be overcrowded with little reward for the underdog. We understand the necessity of standing out in a crowd and making an impact in a matter of seconds.

This is why we suggest that our clients consider the advantages of modular displays over those tired folding tables and vinyl tablecloths. There are several reasons you choose a portable display for your next big event.

modular displays

Custom Design

We can help make your vision a reality with custom approaches to every client. The last thing we want is for two of our customers to share the exact same setup. Therefore, we will hold several design meetings with your business to ensure that every detail is right, down to the color shades in your logo. Everything about your display will scream your brand, and we will make sure of that.

Quick Installation

People often think that to have grand displays you have to have tons of money and time. Fortunately, neither is true when it comes to our modular setups, especially when it comes to time. All of our displays are designed to be portable, which means that even the most substantial sections can be broken down into compact pieces for storage and travel.

Also, if you are overly concerned about the setup of certain displays for specific venues, we can arrange to be on hand to help and install your booth.

Eye Catching

As a design firm, we pride ourselves on our creativity and bold choices. We do not want people attending trade shows to walk past your booth without noticing it. Therefore, we make sure that your display is visible, stylish and built for customer interactions.

However, there is no need to be worried because we are also an extremely budget-conscious shop and understand the necessity of using every dollar wisely.

Modular trade show display

Durable Build

Another common concern seems to be around the durability of modular displays. However, we can assure you that all of our products are designed with strength in mind. Many of our customers want to include shelving to display merchandise, and others want tabletops for writing.

Also, many of our clients use our modular trade show exhibits in retail settings, which means that they must be up to the challenge of day-to-day abuse. Our displays, then, have a strong internal structure and are made of the finest materials to ensure longevity.

Affordable and Flexible

Last, you should choose modular and portable displays because they are cost-effective. True, a table and tablecloth are likely less expensive, but they do not speak to your brand the way a custom setup can.

However, we do understand if clients can not afford to purchase a complete custom solution to their trade show needs, which is why we also offer rental options with varying levels of customization.

There is absolutely no reason to restrict your business with poor modular displays. We, here at GraphiColor, know the value of modular trade show exhibits, and we want to help every business succeed in being noticed. We can work with you to develop an eye-catching custom display that is easy to install and sticks to your budget. There is no reason to sacrifice quality.

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Don’t limit yourself to vinyl covers and cheap poster prints. Your business, your brand and your customers deserve more. Demand everyone’s attention, and let us help you stand out from the typical trade show crowd.

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Modular trade show display
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