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Last year we posted a blog that encouraged exhibitors to revamp a stale display by adding technology to the booth space. That still holds. Video monitors, mobile apps, iPads and kiosks, social media integration, LED lighting or motion lighting, and interactive media to name a few, are all great ways to spark new interest if you’ve been exhibiting, and will continue exhibiting, with the same display for awhile longer.

But what if you wanted to dress up your display or booth space in a different way? Like redressing a mannequin in the window of your store. You’d simply re-dress it, right? You can certainly re-skin most displays, but what about other options? Accessories! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. This isn’t an accessory, but it is a good way to give your display a face-lift. Re-skin an existing display with a new marketing message and you’ve got the same hardware with a brand new look and feel.iPad_Stand_DE

2. IPad stands and touchscreen monitors are still an exceptional way to add technology to your booth space.

3. Kiosks can add a different look and feel to your booth, especially when they are added to a  booth space with esthetics and function in mind.

4. Counters are functional, but are also visually-appealing when you wrap them with a stunning graphic or have them light up.lumaline ctr

5. Custom flooring is a nice way to enhance your booth space and helps provide added comfort for your exhibitors.

6. Furniture to fit your booth space can invite attendees in, and gives a booth space a warm and welcoming feel. There are a variety of options that are intended to be both functional or eye-catching.

For a complete list of the “window dressings” GraphiColor Exhbits offers, visit our website.

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