Revamp a Stale Display by Adding Technology to your Booth Space!

So you’ve decided to exhibit, great! There’s no better way to put yourself right in front of your customers. Next, comes standing out and drawing those highly-sought after customers right into your booth space. Besides having an eye-catching custom trade show booth display, what can you do?

custom trade show booth display in MichiganStart by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Surrounded by competition on the show floor, how can I make my booth memorable?

2. What can I do to create an interactive and engaging booth experience for my customers?

3. How can I best aide showcasing my brand in an effective, new way?

The short and sweet answer is technology, and adding it to your booth space. It doesn’t matter what kind of display you’re exhibiting with; from a pop-up display to a modular system, you can (and should) incorporate technology in your booth! There are tons of trade show technology options available for any booth size, and most are customizable to help reinforce your branding.

Over the years the trade show industry has continued to thrive (good news for all of us!), and several trade show trends have emerged. Technology is one, a big one, and it seems like every new option is more advanced than the last. Technology focuses on attracting customers to the display and creating a real sense of engagement and element of interaction.

GraphiColor Exhibits can certainly help you narrow in on what technology boost would be best-suited for your booth, but here’s a mention to some technology upgrades our clients have used – and loved!

Trade show exhibit display rental in MichiagnThe evolving trade show display – LED lights, interactivity and moretrade show video kiosk
  • Video Monitors
  • Mobile apps or games
  • iPads and iPad kiosks
  • Interactive Media
  • Social media feeds
  • 3-D video effects
  • LED lighting and motion lights

Custom iPad Kiosk for trade show exhibit

All of these options can help to define you as an exhibiting company that desires to create an immersive experience with prospects at a trade show. When properly executed, interactive exhibits  can really create a powerful booth experience. Adding technology or upgrading technology in any type of trade show display can position you against a competitor who has a custom trade show booth display, but doesn’t use technology. It gives you the advantage, makes your booth memorable and propels engagement with your prospects.





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