Trade Show Display Rentals in Michigan

Trade show display rentals are an easy and effective way to gain visibility and interact with your audience. GraphiColor Exhibits is proud to offer custom trade show rentals to businesses in Michigan. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of renting versus purchasing, or call us today to request a quote.

Benefits of Trade Show Display Rentals

Whether you’re planning for your first trade show or you’re a regular, there are multipleModular trade show display benefits to renting a trade show display:
  • Cost-Effective: Renting a customized display helps boost your marketing efforts while staying within your budget.
  • Convenience: Trade show rentals are easy to carry, build, and dismantle. Depending on the size, an installation may take only a few minutes.
  • Turnkey: If you don’t have the space or capacity to consider storage, repairs, and other elements of owning a display, renting is the perfect option. When you opt for renting, these concerns are alleviated—all you have to do is return the display after your show is over.
  • Attention-Grabbing: You can get exactly what you imagined with a customized display rental. A custom display helps demonstrate what your brand is all about.

Costs of Trade Show Rentals

The costs of renting a trade show display can vary based on your requirements and the type of display that you need. Custom elements can easily drive the costs up. At GraphiColor, we provide several options and materials to choose from, including wood, aluminum, laminates, and fabric media. We also offer pop-up displays, panels, tabletop, banner stands, and literature racks. On average, a trade show display rental can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Once the cost of the display is determined, additional display show accessories can also be added to the overall pricing.

Renting Versus Buying

If you’ve been attending trade shows for a while, you understand it’s an investment of time and money for your business. Getting a return on that investment is a priority, as well as ensuring you’ve gained brand awareness. Determining whether renting or buying is the best solution depends on how often you attend trade shows. Before renting or buying, view this guide:
  1. How many shows do you attend per year? This is important. If your business has dedicated individuals who consistently travel to trade shows, you may want to consider purchasing. If your business only attends a few shows per year, renting may be the more affordable option.
  2. What type of inventory do you have? If your display is outdated, or you need something new that attracts attention, renting is a good choice.
  3. Can you use a display rental in conjunction with what you already have? Many businesses may have a trade show display, but need something additional to fulfill their vision.

Learn More About Trade Show Rentals from GraphiColor

The GraphiColor team is ready to help you make a great first impression with custom trade show display rentals. In addition to our rental displays, we also offer a variety of services, including exhibit design, graphic design, signage, and more. If you want to build awareness and traction, you must work with industry professionals who understand the intricacies of trade shows and display designs. Let GraphiColor help you create a memorable display that will help you stand out from the crowd! For more information on our trade show rentals, designs, and other services, call (248) 927-2436 or fill out our online form today.

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