Trade Show Displays in Michigan: Booths, Banners, Exhibits, & More

The weather’s getting better, businesses are ramping up for the new season, and it’s shaping up to be a booming year for trade shows. If you’re planning to attend the shows in Michigan or elsewhere this year, now’s the time to get your trade show displays in order and ready to roll. Successful trade show exhibits don’t just happen—they require a lot of thought and planning. You’ll have to consider your budget, design elements, the best shows to attend, and so much more. If you’re feeling overwhelmed—don’t worry, we’ll highlight some of the best tips to get you ready for your show.

Determine Your Booth Size

  The first thing to consider when designing your trade show display is how much booth space you’ll need. Start by deciding which products you want to showcase and how much room they’ll require, including the tables, chairs, and other supporting elements (banners, signs, and monitors). Expect these foundational items to use at least half of your booth space. Then, consider how much room you and your staff will need to easily move around your exhibit.

Think About Your Audienceexpo displays

You’ll also need to estimate how many people you’re likely to have in your booth at any given time. This will help you understand how much space you’ll need to ensure your audience is comfortable. Remember that many people are still wary of crowds, and that too many people packed into your booth might discourage others from coming in. Try to look at the experience from the point of view of your audience and how you would feel in their place. You don’t want to break your budget with too large of an exhibit and renting the space to put it on, but remember that your goal is to convey your message to your audience in the most effective and pleasant way, so don’t cramp your style with too little room either.

Plan Your Display Layout

Once you’ve decided on your booth size, you can begin to plan your display layout. Consider what is the best way for your products or services to be presented. Are your products most effectively showcased with samples, brochures, videos, interactive media, or a mix of all four? After you decide this, you will want to choose a layout that’s built around a central axis, one that will let your audience move easily through your exhibit from station to station. Do you need to focus on verbal communication and storytelling to get your message across? Then a layout designed more like a theater stage with seating might serve best. Additionally, you should also consider renting your trade show exhibits. If you’re experimenting with the right booth design, or if you don’t attend too many shows a year, you can save a lot of money by renting your equipment as you need it.

Trade Show Booths & Exhibits

If you want to get off to a great start on the trade show circuit, you can’t do better than a customized booth from GraphiColor. Trade show displays have evolved to incorporate new technologies and materials, and we only use the most cutting-edge, eco-friendly elements to build our exhibits. We can build anything from small pop-up displays to large convention hall destinations that include anything from monitors and speakers to custom lighting and seating.

Trade Show Banners10x30 Lightweight trade show exhibit booth

Enhance your exhibit with an eye-catching trade show banner. Well-designed trade show banners and signage will help you communicate your brand, up-close or at a distance. No matter what your business does, GraphiColor can create the perfect banner for you. We can build retractable stands, tension fabric displays, outdoor banners, and more. No matter what you choose, we’ll ensure that your banner is durable, easily transportable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Free Design & Consultation

We’re proud to offer free exhibit design and consultation services to our clients. Our team of talented professionals can assist you with planning and executing the perfect trade show booth and display.

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