Trade Show Pick-up Lines

Think back to those crazy days when you tried to get a date by using some kind of cheesy pick-up line. Those pick-up lines aren’t what you should be looking to use at your next trade show, but the strategy behind them remains relevant. You need an opening line, a hook, to grab a passing […]

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Your Trade Show… Billboard?

It might sound weird, but you should design your trade show booth display like you would a billboard and not like a brochure. Whether you’re exhibiting in a 10×10 booth space with a pop-up display, or a 30×30 with an elaborate MultiQuad display system, your display is your own personal Van Gogh. Your trade show […]

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2 Things You Should Start Doing at Trade Shows

Working a trade show is no small feat. Your company has invested hundreds to thousands of dollars for your staff to be there, and your boss expects success in the form of qualified leads and eventual sales. To ensure you’re meeting – even exceeding – expectations, there are 2 things you should start doing at […]

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Effective Exhibit Design For the Win

  Why is effective exhibit design so important, anyway? You only have 3-5 seconds to grab the attention of attendees as they cruise the trade show floor. This is not a big window of time! Your trade show display must demand attention, communicate your company’s message, showcase your products or services and entice the audience […]

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Selfies Saving you Money on Shipping Disasters?

Our nation is obsessed with selfies; otherwise known as you taking your own photo of yourself. There’s even an annoying song out about it now, but the point is: photo-taking can save you money when it comes to unexpected shipping disasters. If you’ve been in the industry for long then you know that nothing is […]

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Must Do Social Media Tips for Your Next Trade Show

So by now you have, hopefully, adopted some kind of social media plan into your overall trade show program, right? There are a million helpful articles out there to offer guidance if you haven’t gotten started yet, but the main thing is that you get started. Ultimately, investing in social media can impact your trade […]

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Pre-Show Marketing: Email that Lives

It’s a myth that email is dead. No, really, you’re probably checking your email even as you read this. Sure, you delete a ton of it without ever opening it – but that’s because it had a terrible subject line, was uninteresting, irrelevant or all of the above. Here’s the thing, good, valuable, useful email […]

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3 Things I Found at EXHIBITOR2014

A few weeks ago I posted a blog called 3 Things I Want from EXHIBITOR2014. Well, the world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketers has come and gone, and boy…. was it a blast! But, did I get from the conference everything I had hoped to? What were some of my […]

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