3 Things I Want from EXHIBITOR2014


The world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketers is just around the corner! EXHIBITOR2014 is only 26 days away, and I’m excited. As the newest marketing hire at GraphiColor Exhibits, I thought for certain I’d be sitting this amazing conference out my first year on the job. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised when my name was added to the roster of “going”. Fist pump! Vegas

I’m stoked, because 1. This is the best way to learn all about the industry I’m coming to learn and love, and 2. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. (I know, I know… what’s WRONG with me!). So while I can’t wait to knock out two ultimate firsts, there are a few things I’m really looking forward to. Like, really, really looking forward to. Here they are:


1. seeing “the next big thing”   

Everyone claims their product is the “next big thing,” and hey, if it is – great! What’s better than THE next big thing? A lot of new great things all in one place! With hundreds of exhibitors offering their newest and greatest products and resources, the show room floor is going to be a melting pot of Next BigNext Big Thing Things, and I can’t wait to check it all out. If you’re attending and looking for something or someone specific, here’s the list of exhibitors for EXHIBITOR2014:  http://www.exhibitoronline.com/exhibitorshow/2014/exhibitors.asp


2. learning the lingo

If you’re new to the exhibit industry, like I was eight months ago, then you might not be familiar with some of the terms associated with the different kinds of trade show displays, shipping, exhibiting costs, or large-format printing. Drayage, substrate, baffle, oh my!Trade Show

It’s like learning a foreign language, and is one thing to hear or see the words occasionally, but really understanding the “language” is to immerse yourself in it. If you want to learn Italian, you need to be forced to speak it and to hear it on a constant basis. So you’d travel to Italy, right? Well, EXHIBITOR is my Italy, and I’m looking forward to applying those industry terms when I walk the show floor and chat with exhibitors. It’s going to be a great learning opportunity! PS- EXHIBITOR has an industry glossary of terms, thanks!

3. Networking opportunities

If you’re in marketing and sales, by any degree, than you know that networking plays a large role in your success. The trade show and event marketing industries thrive on face-to-face interaction, and there’s no better way to earn a referral for your business than to call on friends you’ve met over the years.Trade Show Networking Outside referral opportunities, networking helps you to build a circle of like-minded individuals that can help to provide you with industry trends, news, gossip and tips. Every person you meet has the potential to become an educator and a resource of some kind. Knowing that some of the best in the industry will be attending EXHIBITOR2014, I can’t wait to meet some new people and add to growing my circle.

So there you have it; everything I’m hoping EXHIBITOR2014 can give me while I’m there. I’m also dying to know what you’re most looking forward to if you’re attending EXHIBITOR this year? And if you’re not attending, what would you like for us to keep an eye out for and report back on? Oh, and let’s not forget: when I’m not involved in learning, seeing and networking, what Vegas attractions do I absolutely have to fit in before heading back to good ole’ Michigan?

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