MultiQuad Modular Display Takes the Cake & Eats it Too

Fisher MultiQuadWe don’t usually write something to toot our own horn, but we’re excited to toot it for this trade show booth display: the MultiQuad display system! Okay, okay, let’s back up. You know, start at the beginning. We have a fabulous client, ND Industries, Inc, and they came to us with a problem. After nine years of good use their pop-up display needed to be retired, or at the very least, updated.   


Modular Trade Show Display


ND was looking for a trade show booth display that was versatile, easy-to-use and impressive. After a consultative meeting and a tour of our showroom, ND Industries really liked the MultiQuad modular display system. Now their booth space has since then been transformed with the beauty pictured left.

“At first we had planned to have the current framing [of our existing pop-up display] rebuilt, but after discussing our options with Anita from GraphiColor, we decided the best option would be a MultiQuad configuration. It proved to be the right combination of form and function and was well-received at the NIFS Vegas show, where it was unveiled to our customers for the first time. In fact, it was so liked by our own staff that, although it was intended only for use in the U.S.A., it’s now being shipped to Taiwan for the International Fastener Show. We enjoyed the experience of working with GraphiColor and Expo Displays to create our new booth,” comments Ted Wallace, Marketing Director, ND Industries, Inc.

And that is not all! ExpoDisplays, a leading manufacturer of trade show display systems in Montgomery, Alabama (and the exclusive manufacturer of the MultiQuad) featured GraphiColor and CU Corp MultiQuadND Industries’ new MultiQuad as their “Display of the Month” for January.

So what makes this trade show booth display so special, you might be wondering? The MultiQuad is a portable display system comprised of interchangeable Quads. Each quad easily attaches to the frame with magnets making this a highly configurable system and giving you an affordable way to change your messaging or images quickly. 



Nikon MultiQuad

Here’s why the MultiQuad is the last exhibit you’ll ever have to buy:

· Easy to assemble

· Quick and easy to change your look

· Works for all shows

· Flexible design options

· Reconfigurable components

· Portable and Modular

· Wide array of accessories

· Helps lower operating costs

· Can be illuminated

· Low drayage costs compared to other displays

· Full inventory of rental components

· Can have impressive towers and walls up to 16’Airfoil MultiQuad

· Beautiful graphics

· Designs that you want to help you stand out on the show floor

· Can be rented, but still uniquely yours

GraphiColor is Michigan’s exclusive distributor of the MultiQuad display system. Ready to chat about the MultiQuad, or come see the one in our showroom for a hands-on look? Contact us at 248.347.0271.


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