How Story Telling Can Help Your Trade Show Experience

Think about the last cause that you donated money to. I don’t mean the same charity that you faithfully donate $100donate a year to, or the Girl Scout cookie binge that you went on when you saw the girls hanging out by the grocery store. I mean a cause that really captured your heart and compelled you to give something that you worked very hard for. Did they just walk up to you and say “Hi, we represent this organization, please give us some money,” or did they tell you a compelling story that captured your heart and really convinced you that your donation would make a difference?

Chances are, you didn’t just hand over your money. The cause that got your hard earned dollars is the one that drew you in with a story and showed you how your donation would make a difference in the life of a disadvantaged child, homeless animal, or mentally ill veteran. Those same methods can work on the trade show floor, too.

When someone is attending a trade show, chances are, they’re ready to make a purchase, have the authority to do so, and may be prepared to cut a check today. Statistics show us that the majority of trade show visitors are there for a specific purpose, and that they have the authority to at least gather information and bring it back to the people who control the purse strings. Because you know this, you put together your exhibit with every intention of converting every person who walks into your booth into someone who at least wants a follow up call from your sales staff. That’s the goal of your trade show presence.

But think back to the trade shows you’ve attended. Are you more likely to purchase a product from the company who just throws information your way, hoping something sticks, or from the company who takes the time to present a story about their product, and how it will benefit you? It’s true that the best sales people are story tellers.

If you’re not currently bringing storytelling to the trade show floor, it’s definitely Trade show team in Detroitsomething you should consider. If you’re blogging, then you’re already telling a story-at heart, that’s what each blog post is. If you’re not blogging or you’re not sure what story you should be telling, then sit down with those story tellers that you already have on your payroll. Ask each of them to craft their version of the story of your product or service, and work with them to develop the story that will be told on the trade show floor. While there doesn’t really need to be a script, there does need to be some consistency among your exhibit staff, so that potential clients aren’t confused if they talk to more than one sales person. Putting together a list of talking points is a good way to insure that all of your staff are on the same page when they’re on the trade show floor.

Bringing storytelling to your trade show exhibit is a great way to enrich your sales presentation, and to draw in potential customers, enabling them to see how your product or service will make them a part of the story, or help them create their own. Take advantage of this technique!

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