3 things you’re missing by not having a tablet in your trade show booth

Tablets are a great addition to any size booth space, and iPads are the perfect technology upgrade if you’re looking to revamp a stale display. So how can having a tablet add to the overall success of your trade show?

Trade Show Engagement

1. Attendee-Exhibitor Engagement

A tablet can certainly boost engagement within a booth space. Tablets are visually appealing and attendees tend to eagerly visit a booth if the exhibitors are offering prizes for game-playing on an iPad. If the goal is to walk around the booth and entice attendees to play, then exhibitors will be more likely to actually walk around the booth and engage attendees in play instead of sitting and gasp! – looking bored. The best part of the game-playing is after attendees win their prize the exhibitor can immediately collect their data in a non-intrusive way. Win-win for both parties.

Brochure Stand


2. De-Clutter your Booth Space

We are the first to suggest getting rid of the literature that most exhibitors feel the need to bring to their trade show. If you must have takeaways, using a brochure stand helps to keep your booth space tidy and organized instead of a cluttered mess. What’s even better than a brochure stand? A tablet! Think about it, an attendee gets to input their information and you can email them the collateral after the show. Not only is this a great opportunity for a follow up with an prearranged conversation starter, but now your booth space can be more open and inviting and less bogged down with literature you don’t need.


Smiling trade show attendee

3. Positive Attendee Experience

The above two reasons combine to create a more positive attendee experience. Tablets are interactive tools that help make your booth experience more exciting and memorable for the attendee. Using a tablet as a lead retrieval device also helps speed up the process so attendees feel welcomed in your booth, can learn, play, and engage with your booth staffers, and get out without feeling pestered or trapped. A tablet also allows exhibitors easy access to photos, videos, websites, collateral, and any other sales materials at the touch of a finger and it’s a bonus that attendees can be emailed the specific products or services that they are interested in instead of taking away generic literature. This creates a more individually custom attendee experience that they are more likely to remember and respect.


Stand out at your next trade show and improve your show floor presence by using a tablet in your booth space! Are you planning on using an iPad at your next trade show? Here are 5 tips to follow when using iPads in your trade show booth.

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