Time for an upgrade? Use technology in your trade show booth space

If you’ve made the decision to exhibit, you still have to do your best to stand out on the trade show floor, and appeal to all those future customers walking the show. Along with the question of “why” should i exhibit, also ask yourself: “How can I make my booth memorable?” Having a professional looking and well designed display is the first step in creating an eye-catching trade show exhibit space. However, more often than before, the answer is to simply incorporate new technologies into your trade show exhibit.
No matter what type of display you are using, whether its a portable or pop up display, or a modular system you should be aware that there are many trade show technology options available to incorporate into your design. And, options for any size booth!

The evolving display—LED lights, interactivity and more

Last year the trade show industry continued to thrive and several trends seemed to emerge. The biggest is that trade show displays are evolving to keep pace with technology and the most competitive companies are in the forefront.

These trends focused on not only attracting customers to the display, but also creating a real sense of interaction. The use of video, mobile technology (like the iPad), interactive media, social media, special lighting (LED’s)  and truly unique backgrounds and shapes really define  which companies want to create an immersive experience with their potential customers.

Case studies from recent expos

Exhibits really do create a powerful experience if done right. Even pop-ups have become more dazzling in recent years—and you can really up the power of your pop up with the use of tablets, mobile technology and social media. We’ve done some interactive LED lighting on a magnetic pop up in the past year. If your budget allows, and if its right for you – its true –  the most powerful displays are often modular or custom. With modular or custom displays, you often have more space and clearance to add to any special effects or technology that you want to incorporate. For example:

  • At a recent technology expo, the trend was the use of engaging fabric structures. One company used a high rising white fabric shape to draw attention to its booth from very, very far away. And then the company projected video about their product into the fabric so that it drew attention from all points on the trade show floor. No matter where you stood, your eye was captivated by the video high over the heads of other displays.
  • At a recent sporting good expo, one company used a more manageable modular display to capture attention and keep the focus on their products. Using a unique design, the company divided their display area into spaces for products, and even a seating area for customers to hold a meeting should they desire. It was a clean, well-lit space, with a lot of intricate details, which really helped it stand out.

Ready for a technology boost?
If you’ve been exhibiting with a portable pop-up display,  maybe it’s time to investigate upgrading to one of the more engaging and technology-friendly modular display systems that are available today. If you decide to boost your booth with more technology, be sure to consult with a display company with plenty of years of experience to learn all of the options that are available to you. Your exhibit house should also be able to advise you on any special rules or regulations that the conference hall may have when you upgrade your booth space and the accessories used within it. Good luck – and happy exhibiting!

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