Exhibiting 101: THIS not THAT

This not That

We see the THIS not THAT model all the time. Think about fashion magazines where two celebrities are wearing the same dress, yet one is deemed the “Winner”. Or, more popularly advertised, are the food ads and dieting guides that advise you to eat THIS not THAT… there’s even an app for that.

So while we don’t have an app (maybe one day…), what we can do is to compare some simple display and exhibiting options using that same easy education style. With so many choices available, it’s hard for new exhibitors to know what to invest in. By utilizing the This not That model, we’ll zero in on some of the best options that will, hopefully, steer new exhibitors in the right direction.

*Editor’s note: That following picks are not universal, and they might not be the best choice for you and your trade show needs. Some selections will not work for every exhibitor, nor for every show. To get the most from your exhibiting program, your display should be custom-built to fit your specific and individual needs. Please give us a call so we can help you dream up and design the best display that fits you.

So here are our four THIS not THAT top picks:


Banner Stand vs. Table Throw

Banner Stand    NOT     Table Throw

Think higher over lower, especially when it comes to your branding. Higher also translates into feeling like a bigger presence. If you’re trying to decide between a banner stand or a table throw, then go with the height factor. If you have a crowd in front of your table, no one will be able to see your logo or other messaging on your table through, anyway. If you have a banner stand and people in front of your table, you’re branding should be still visible.

EXCEPTION: If you’re attending career fairs and small conferences where you’re expected to sit at a table, then a table throw is a good identifier. You might couple a table throw with a banner stand to maximize your opportunity of being seen.


Ipad Stand vs. Mounted Monitor

iPad Stand    NOT    Monitor Mount  

Adding technology to your booth is an easy way to update a stale booth space. It also engages your audience and can create memorable interaction between booth staff and attendees. Here’s why we picked an iPad stand vs. a mounted monitor, and this one really depends heavily on your booth size. Think of it this way: if you’re exhibiting in a 10×10 space and you want to add a monitor, then you’re taking up valuable real estate for your branding on your actual display. Especially if you don’t have something good to put on the monitor, then pitch it (for now, until you move into a bigger space). An iPad stand will provide you with the same engagement factor, plus it can ADD an opportunity for additional branding. It’s a small and compact way to compliment your display instead of taking away from it.

EXCEPTION: If you’re exhibiting in a large booth, then a monitor would be a good fit. Better yet, a mounted monitor and an iPad stand or stands would really turn your booth space into an experience, and that’s what attendees are looking for.


Brochure Stand vs. 6’’ ft Table