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Stressed OutThe lack of creative time is a frequent topic of conversation amongst our friends who work at Detroit agencies, marketing firms, film production companies and graphic design firms. The process of design takes time. You’ve heard the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, your trade show display can’t be either! A well-crafted booth design or display cannot be rushed without something being compromised.

We want to give you outstanding work that exceeds expectations, and that’s hard to do if we’re pressed against the wire on a tight deadline. If you want the best work available, then planning ahead for your trade show is priority.

One of our biggest challenges, here at GraphiColor Exhibits, is having a reasonable time frame in which to create and develop the design of a trade show booth. We know, it’s hard to plan ahead when you simply don’t have the time to. Most of us have so much on our plates that it is hard to take the time to plan anything, unless it has slipped beyond our comfort zone and has become urgent. We don’t want you to get there. We can’t hit the same high level of excellence we strive for with every project if you’re coming to us with an urgent deadline. Then, unfortunately, our options are limited.

So let’s plan ahead and make sure the sky’s the limit! But how? Here are a few quick things to note:

  • Start planning at least 6-12 months ahead of the trade show or event that you are planning on exhibiting at.       
  • Once you’ve set your goals for the event and booked your booth space, the next step should be to decide on and meet with the company who will become your exhibiting partner. 
  • A good exhibit and display company should be able to provide you with a timeline for all of the decisions to be made involving your display, right through to the event and beyond. This timeline will be based on how long you have until the show opens, the type of booth you want to have, and any manufacturer enforced deadlines. This helps us to make sure we can deliver your display on time – without unnecessary rush charges and fees. We recommend building enough time into this process so we can get your display here and troubleshoot it.
  • By the way, if your trade show display design company is also handling your show services and booth logistics, your timeline should include your deadlines for ordering the onsite services provided by the hall or show contractor.

Yes, there are numerous details and deadlines that you must be on top of while planning a successful trade show exhibition. Keep them organized, and stress less this year by downloading our Trade Show Planning Timeline. This printable PDF is the perfect office wall-hanger to keep you on track and well ahead of “urgent”.

Printable Banner

Next Steps:

1. Download our Printable Trade Show Planning Timeline, and stick it on your office wall as a reminder.

2. Start thinking about your trade show budget, and planning for that. You can download our guide to stress-free trade show budget planning. 

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