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2 Things You Should Start Doing at Trade Shows

Working a trade show is no small feat. Your company has invested hundreds to thousands of dollars for your staff to be there, and your boss expects success in the form of qualified leads and eventual sales. To ensure you’re meeting – even exceeding – expectations, there are 2 things you should start doing at […]

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Easy Tips for Trade Show Planning

The lack of creative time is a frequent topic of conversation amongst our friends who work at Detroit agencies, marketing firms, film production companies and graphic design firms. The process of design takes time. You’ve heard the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, your trade show display can’t be either! A well-crafted booth […]

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Intellectual Property: Why it matters to the trade show industry

Type anything your heart desires into a search bar using any popular search engine, and in less than one second, you are taken to a database with a seemingly infinite amount of results from all over the world that are connected to the topic you searched for. If you click on any of the result options, more […]

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