Pre-Show Marketing: Email that Lives

Email Tombstone

It’s a myth that email is dead. No, really, you’re probably checking your email even as you read this. Sure, you delete a ton of it without ever opening it – but that’s because it had a terrible subject line, was uninteresting, irrelevant or all of the above. Here’s the thing, good, valuable, useful email is alive and kicking.

So it’s important to have a solid email strategy; one that goes above just sending an invite email telling people you’ll be exhibiting at this show, and to stop by. Here’s a quick infographic that zeroes in on what a good email strategy might look like 12 weeks in advance of your next show.


Marketing Strategy

Raise your hand if you send that one email, then maybe send it again a few weeks later. It’s the same reason why 80% of trade show leads are never followed up on; because it takes time and energy, and when you’re running low on both it can be difficult to be thorough and follow up. Oh, and don’t forget to marry your social media efforts with your email marketing. Emails are one-sided conversations, so use them to drive your prospects to connect and engage with you on social media. Then, you’re able to have real-time conversations instead of just talking at your prospects.


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