Trade Show Emergency Kit: A Must Have for Every Exhibitor

Isn’t January the time when everyone plans on adopting new routines for the New Year? Such as actually using that planner or calendar, and adopting new ways to stay more organized? Planning ahead definitely has its benefits; one being saving you time later, when it’s most precious. Say, on the show floor.

Every trade show exhibitor should have an emergency kit. Ours, pictured right, isn’t pretty, but it is packed full of basic tools and products that have proven to be real life-savers during a trade show crisis. MacGyver would be proud.

So while every show and exhibitor have different needs, here’s what we have in our emergency kit to help get you started.


1.      Gum or Mints20140107_085956

2.      Strip of Velcro

3.      Zip Ties

4.      Tape

5.      Scissors

6.      Rubber Bands

7.      Paper Clips

8.      Stapler (extra staples)

9.      Pens, Pencils, Sharpies, Highlighters

10.  Packs of Post-It Notes

11.  Business Cards (and holder)

12.  Light Bulb or Two (per your display)

13.  Microfiber Cloth

Maybe you’re already exhibiting with one of these goodie bags. If so, what else have you included in your trade show exhibitor emergency kit?



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