5 Trade Show Trends to Look For in 2020

The past decade has brought about an enormous shift in exhibition design– from innovative new technology that attracts and excites attendees to advancements in portable trade show displays that make move-in a breeze, the trade show industry is continuously improving and evolving. As a Marketing or Trade Show Event Manager, you may often wonder: What’s Next?
2020 will usher in a new era for exhibiting, and it’s important to stay informed of these trends in order to increase your ROI for each show you attend. Here, we will explore the top five booth trends that will steal the show in the new decade.

This style continues to grow in popularity as exhibitors display their products in a familiar, welcoming atmosphere. Attendees are drawn to these open-plan tradeshow booths due to the casual layout with easy access to the products on display. Here, the exhibitor transforms their space into more than a booth; it effectively communicates their brand and product focus while attractively displaying their products in a store-like setting. As an attendee, it becomes easy to visualize the product in your own space in the intimate setting.

Trade shows have evolved into more than just a stage for prospecting; they’ve become a place for connecting with clients and conducting business. In order to facilitate the sense of intimacy on a trade show floor, it is paramount to create a comfortable meeting space. This trend focuses more on prospect engagement and connections rather than showcasing a product or capabilities. Meeting spaces within an exhibit can be private, semi-private, give the feeling of a lounge like environment, or a more formal executive meeting space.

The goal shifts to meaningful conversations with prospective clients in a relaxed environment. Our design accomplishes this by providing easy, comfortable meeting spaces while making full use of their advertising area on the walls of their booth. The walls portray their brand and mission, while creating an inviting and semi-private space to have more intimate conversations with prospective clients.

Making a statement has always been in style, especially on the trade show floor. Incorporating bold colors and dimensional architecture into your exhibit will ensure that you stand out in the sea of booths, whether you occupy the biggest center island space or the corner 10×10. This booth design commands attention with bright colors, lighting, and bold design. The combination of vivid branding and assertive structure make this exhibit eye-catching and memorable, and brand-consistent from show to show, no matter what configuration they are in.

Backlit elements in displays, from internally-lit counters and podiums to fully-illuminated SEG walls, have become a necessity in recent years. Lighting not only makes your exhibit stand out to passers-by, but makes for a more vibrant graphic as well. Because LED lighting kits are readily available for nearly every system and budget, this is by far the most popular new trend on the expo floor. We illuminated our client’s messaging with custom extrusion walls. The graphics in turn are clean, bright, and most of all, attention-grabbing.

We’ve all been there: you want to make an impact at your upcoming show, but it’s halfway across the country. Or, it’s in an entirely different country altogether. The solution? One of the fastest-growing trends in the trade show industry: custom trade show displays rentals. These custom-built exhibits are budget-friendly and stress-free, making them a favorite option for international companies. Here, our client opted for a custom rental at the last Gear Expo in Detroit, and the result was a stunning exhibit that showcased their specialty products. Representatives from out of state (and country) were able to walk onto the show floor upon open to work the turn-key booth, without any of the hassle of installing it themselves.

Whether you are a seasoned trade show-veteran or attending your first show in 2020, be sure to keep a lookout for these five trends to ensure your booth stands out!

Some of the services GraphiColor offers include: modular displays, pop up displays, tension fabric displays, corporate interior design, retractable banner stands and much more!

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