5 Tips for being a Pro during your Trade Show

Last week we talked about the fantastic energy that a young new hire can bring to your exhibiting program, and how to harness and train that energy to bring about the best results for your company. As an established company, it may have been awhile since you’ve brought new hires onto the trade show floor, or maybe you have decided that it’s time to take a second look at your exhibiting program. No matter the case, sharing these tips with your staff will help your brand to shine.

  • Realize that you’re going to be on your feet most of the day. As sales tips for using ipad at a trade showstaff, you may spend most of your time in the office connecting with people over the phone or through social channels, most of which may be done from sitting at your desk; but on the show floor you’re going to be standing. Movement is important on the trade show floor. Wear comfortable, broken in shoes that aren’t going to make it difficult for you to be standing all day. It can also be helpful if you bring a second pair of shoes to switch into halfway through the trade show. This can help give your feet a break even while standing.
  • Brush up on your grooming. Again, if most of your customer contact is over the phone or on your laptop, you need to remember that you’re going to be interacting with leads on a face to face basis. Keeping facial hair trimmed, hair cut and styled, and making sure that your appearance is top notch are all good steps. If your polo shirts with your company’s logo on them, or other branded clothing items, are stuck in the bottom of your closet, pull them out a few weeks ahead of time and see if they need to be replaced. If they’re still in great shape, make sure they get washed and ironed before the trade show.
  • Put together an emergency kit. You never know what can happen on the exhibit floor. A mini sewing kit, some breath mints, a fabric steamer, a stain-removing pen and some tissues should always be close and easy for everyone to find. Stash some bottled waters nearby in case you get really busy and breaks end up being late. You can always check out what we put in our emergency kit.
  • Work with team leaders to create and adopt a clear message that meshes with the overall brand mission. Each member of the sales staff should be working towards the same goal, and using roughly the sameThe team at GraphiColor works together to ensure your trade show satisfaction.language to get there. It’s better for the customer experience, and better for trade show staff, if they have clear expectations and a map to help them hit benchmarks.
  • Be friendly! Even if the last prospect blew you off, or, even worse, was rude, take a deep breath and smile! Remember, as exhibitors, you are the walking, talking representation of your company’s brand. It’s important that prospects see you as approachable. If you’ve got a frown on your face or are obviously flustered, they’re less likely to want to talk to you. In a competitive environment, being approachable is key to your company’s trade show success.

For staff that is heading out to their first trade show, the thought of everything that goes on at the trade show can be pretty overwhelming. Make sure that your staff is armed with the best tools to enable them to help your company stand out from the competition.

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