Technology brings your trade show display into the 21st Century!

Rental trade show exhibit, MultiQuad Display system for MCULIn a world driven by technology, we hear often about the importance of having an updated website in order to effectively communicate your brand and your message. Your website changes and evolves to remain competitive and relevant – and so should your trade show display! Much like your website, your trade show display booth is like your company’s resume – and first impressions definitely matter from the show floor.

As a web developer advises website changes, here at GraphiColor Exhibits, we will advise clients on when it’s time for a graphics refresh, or a complete display overhaul. We review the content of your message, condition of the trade show display booth and how you want your display to function when considering if it’s time to revamp or replace your entire display or simply the graphics.

For example, has the content of your message on your trade show display booth kept up with the pace of your business and the needs of your customers? From the corporate logo and tagline, to the color scheme, your trade show display booth graphics are the first thing that will create a lasting first impression about your business to attendees on the show floor. If your graphics include outdated marketing messages or focus on a product or service that is no longer the centerpiece of your offerings – you are not going to get any relevant leads or visitors Trade show media kioskswith this information. The most up-to-date information about your company MUST be prominently featured.

Additionally important is how you are integrating new technologies into your trade show display booth space. Consider implementing the following into your display:

  • Flat screen monitors
  • Touch screen displays
  • Digital kiosks

Custom ipad tradeshow kioskAdding any of these options, along with a myriad of other interactive elements into your display is becoming standard practice – especially for larger booth spaces. If you are considering a new display, an interactive element is a must. If this is new to you, no worries – GraphiColor Exhibits knows how to effectively integrate the latest technologies into your trade show display booth space.

For every event that your trade show display booth graphics and technologies remain outdated, you are giving your competitors an advantage. It’s the same advantage those competitors would receive if your website was providing outdated information, or (gasp!) completely down. You may lose credibility with customers and send prospects on a hunt throughout the show for more relevant information and products. You’ve already committed a great deal of time and budget to secure your booth space, so make certain you will get noticed at your show with an updated, eye-catching, attention-grabbing display.

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