Top Trade Show Technology Trends of 2014

Technology in your booth space is an important component for successful exhibiting in that it can drive engagement and create a memorable booth experience. Earlier this year GES released their 2014 Trend Tracker which provides a checklist of 50 of the top trade show industry trends. While the full report covers different aspects of the trade show and event industries, we’re going to share the top technology trends from the report for you. GES CIO George Hines states in the report, “There will be a convergence of all the different technologies to create smarter platforms to drive customer experience.”

Here are a few of our favorite picks from the report’s top 14 trends in technology*:

High-tech tools are infiltrating the exhibit space, and event planners are going after a combination of technologies that, in the past, were used to individually (but at the same event) provide a more enriching experience for the consumer. Want to take an attendee under the hood of an automobile? Combine augmented reality and 3D projection—the vehicle becomes the “target” and through an iPad, an attendee can virtually watch the car’s engine in action.

We’ve made it more accessible and comfortable for attendees, but now it’s about charging as an event itself. A few ideas: a post-session charging chat with a featured speaker, allowing attendees to ask direct follow-up questions while tending to their devices; electrified meet-ups centered on a multi-player game experience, or a scheduled networking chat.

3D printers, once the stuff of tech dreams, are officially a reality (they’re even at Staples). In 2014, expect to see innovations in the space evolve and spread. In the event world, think custom-engineered giveaways or sneak-peeks of new products created in smaller model formats. Perhaps consumers will engineer improvements to an existing product on-site, offering instant feedback through an engaging experience.

To boost digital conversations surrounding an event, marketers are turning to installations that trigger on-site interactions. At the Canadian International Auto Show, Chevrolet Canada activated a Twitter-enabled vending machine to promote a special edition Hot Wheels-inspired blue Camaro displayed in its exhibit. By tweeting to an event hashtag and brand Twitter handle, attendees were dispensed a collectible die-cast.

*All trends are pulled directly from the GES 2014 Trend Tracker. To download their full report, click here.

Have you noticed any of these trade show technology trends? Are you currently using any of these trends in your trade show program? How do you plan on increasing the use of technology in your trade show booth in the coming year?

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