Trade Show Pick-up Lines

Think back to those crazy days when you tried to get a date by using some kind of cheesy pick-up line. Those pick-up lines aren’t what you should be looking to use at your next trade show, but the strategy behind them remains relevant. You need an opening line, a hook, to grab a passing attendee’ eye and attention.

Recently, on the EXHIBITOR floor, I can’t count how many booth-staffers met my eye and gave me the proverbial head nod greeting. A head nod is something polite you do to a stranger on the street, but it’s not something you should settle on when trying to engage a trade show attendee. So what happened when I received that nod? I nodded and smiled back of course, but I kept on walking right by their tradeshow booths.

They lost me as a potential customer because they didn’t say anything to me to make me stop. They didn’t use a pickup line. So make sure your entire team is prepared with a few pickup lines before ever getting to the show. Have your booth staff test them out on attendees during the day to see what is most effective. Craft those pick-up lines and reel in some prospects to your trade show displays!

10 effective pickup lines


Here are 10 effective pick-up lines:

Be funny and unique! It will translate into memorable.

  1. The only one I can even remember from EXHIBITOR was from Mike with SoftSpace, and he stopped me by saying, “You dropped something.” Huh? “You dropped the opportunity to talk to me.”
  2. That’s okay, I can wait for you to circle back around and come talk to me. I’ll be here. Waiting.

Are you doing a giveaway? Draw someone in by piquing their interest.

  1. Let’s get you entered to win a new iPad!
  2. Did you grab your free _____ yet?
  3. Let me show you something exciting.

Surprise them!

Name Badge

  1. Read their name badge and greet them by name. You generally stop when someone calls your name, don’t you? So will they. “Shirley! Great to see you. How’s your day going?”
  2. Compliment them. “Brad, great watch. What brand is that?”

Traditional pick-up lines can work, too! Remember, anything is better than the nod.

  1. What brings you to the show today?
  2. Hi there, what do you do for (insert their company name)?
  3. Do you know anything about my company/service/product?

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