Have you read your Exhibitor Services Manual?

Picture this scenario:

  • Your company has decided to register for an exhibiting event.
  • You’ve researched details on the event and decided on a budget.
  • You’ve decided what booth size and location will be best with the budget you’ve set, and the goals you want to accomplish.
  • You’ve submitted your contract and were assigned your official booth number and space.
  • You receive the exhibitor services manual…
  • …you pass out.

Okay, you probably didn’t actually lose consciousness, but we’re pretty sure the idea of starting a bonfire came to mind when you first set eyes on this monstrous collection of information. Frequently likened to the novel, “War and Peace,” the exhibitor services manuals are typically huge, confusing, overwhelming, and not very exciting to read.

All of that being said, “War and Peace” and the exhibitor services manual are actually quite similar, in that:

Read “War and Peace     →     Find success in high school

Read your Exhibitor Services Manual     →     Find success at your event

The services manual is so important to read and go over because it contains crucial information to assist you in your planning for your event. This information can include details such as:

  • Important dates/deadlines
  • Display guidelines
  • Contractor and service information
  • Shipping and material handling
  • Installation and dismantle
  • Utilities
  • Booth services

This is not a complete list, but hopefully it will give you an understanding on the importance of the services manual. The information provided in your service manual will allow you to ensure deadlines are met, services are arranged, and mistakes aren’t made. It will also contain important forms that you will need to fill out.

Here’s the good news:

Don’t want to read the services manual? GraphiColor will read it for you! We will find the information that you absolutely need to know, give you reminders of important dates and deadlines, and most importantly, use our resources and industry knowledge to ensure all services are arranged so that you are not hit with any surprises.

Our goal at GraphiColor is not just to provide a product; our goal is to be your exhibiting solutions partner. Our team will with work for you – and with you – to ensure you find your exhibiting success!

The bad news:

Sorry, but we won’t read “War and Peace” for you.


Happy exhibiting, friends!

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