Trade Show Booth Staff Checklist

Trade Show Booth Staff Checklist

Having a more successful show can really be as easy as aligning your sales team and effectively using your time and space to reach your prospects. Knowing what you want to achieve before ever heading to the show is key. Our booth staff checklist can help your team put their best foot forward on the show floor! As an example of how this checklist can be used, we filled in one answer for every question.


Booth Staff Checklist

What are your goals for this show?

Primary Goal:

Secondary Goal:

Secondary Goal:

Secondary Goal: Connect with 15 new potential brand advocates.

Tip: It’s okay to have more than one, but make sure you have one primary goal.

Tip: Make your goals specific, attainable, and measurable.

How are you going to measure your above goals?

Primary Goal:

Secondary Goal:

Secondary Goal:

Secondary Goal: Measure by how many new subscribes/likes/follows we get during the show.

What are your pick up lines?

Pick up line:

Pick up line:

Pick up line: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen at the show so far?

Tip: Test your lines, and then stick with the one that works. Make sure to tell your other staffers what the successful line is so they can use it.

Tip: Make sure your pick up line is genuine, and always avoid just giving an attendee the “nod”.

What is your distraction strategy?

Distraction strategy:

Distraction strategy: If all booth staff are engaged with attendees and someone else steps into the booth, one staffer will wave, acknowledge their presence and signal them to please wait one second.

Tip: Anything is better than nothing and if an attendee goes unnoticed, they will simply leave.

What is your exit strategy?

Exit strategy:

Exit strategy: “We actually have a lot of resources that you might find helpful. Do you mind if I send you an email to connect after the show so we can continue this conversation then?”

Tip: You will find yourself tied down with attendees who like to talk. Having a good exit strategy so you’re available to the passing attendees can be effective in this case.

What questions will you use to qualify your booth visitors?

Qualifier 1:

Qualifier 2:

Qualifier 3: Time frame to purchase

Tip: Ask questions or things that will help discover your prospect’s pain points.

Helpful Reminders:

  • Don’t sit! Do stand and look lively. You can even stand in the aisle a bit to engage with passing attendees.
  • Don’t eat or drink in the booth! Do take turns giving your staffers a break so they can eat or drink in private.
  • Don’t just smile and nod at passing attendees. Do smile at passing attendees and then use one of your effective pick up lines.
  • Don’t scan badges only. Do engage your prospects, have conversations, and build a relationship.

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