Top 4 trade show technology trends of 2012

Earlier this year, GES released their first annual Exhibiting “Trend Tracker” which provides a checklist of 50 of the top trade show industry trends. We think its important to note that an entire section of their publication was focused on the importantance of technology, noting that “the world of events and trade shows is getting wired,” as marketers combine the reach of the internet with incredible, interactive display spaces. Mentioned specifically in the trend tracker are the following:


  • Digital collateral: More and more, companies are retiring the practice of sending boxes and boxes of literature to shows. It is becoming common practice to send the same information digitally, have a link to your catalog or brochure in your display somewhere (sometimes captured on a QR code). Making the move to digital collateral is something GraphiColor suggests when looking to reduce shipping costs, or be a more “green” exhibitor.
  • Social Media: GES puts it simply as “Social media is not a trend, it’s a reality.” It’s true – social media is a part of our every day lives, and can be used at trade shows before, during and after the event. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, social media is an easy (and inexpensive) way to engage and inform trade show attendees.
  • Leveraging “Real-time” interaction: Embrace the concept of “real-time” to interact with trade show attendees and perhaps other prospects that couldn’t make it to the show but still want to know whats taking place on the floor.
  • The increasing use of video: The use of video at the trade show is evident everywhere! From the flashy video walls we’ve seen pop up on larger displays, to exhibitors with any booth size using tablet devices to display their product videos, video interaction generates more buzz than photos alone.

Have you noticed any of these trade show technology trends? Are you currently using any of these items in your trade show program? How do you plan on increasing the use of technology in your trade show booth in the coming year? 

Whether you exhibit at trade shows in Michigan, across the United States, or Internationally, GraphiColor Exhibits can help you design, build and bring to life your ideal display, integrating technology when requested.

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