Generate Trade Show Leads AND Keep an Eye on Your Competition

While the main objective of exhibiting at a trade show may be to generate qualified leads and boost sales, have you ever considered that a trade show is a prime place to check out your competition?

Busy trade shows are bustling with attendees, demonstrations, product giveaways and more! It’s likely your competitors are in the same building trying to muster up their sales and customer base just like you are. There’s no better place to do a little “check up” on your competitors, and see what they are up to than an industry trade show!

Just what kind of information can you discover on your competitors at a trade show? Consider examining the following when walking by (or visiting) their booth space:

  • What key messages are they trying to convey? Is their message clear and simple for trade show attendees to understand?
  • Is their booth busy? Are their booth staffers well trained and do the show attendees seem engaged while in their booth space?
  • Has the competition spent additional advertising budget to be a show sponsor or advertise elsewhere within the convention center or show book? Are they hosting any networking or event suites outside of the show hours?
  • Have they used any new technologies in their trade show display? Do they have monitors, touch screens, iPads or digital kiosks available within their booth space?
  • Are they using social media within their booth? Do you see them engaging in social media conversations using the show hash tag?
  • Are any new products or services being unveiled at this particular trade show? (Try to get a demonstration!)

If you know your competition well, you might want to consider having a 3rd party, or a newly hired employee visit their booth and get the information you are looking for – simply to avoid being so obvious.

It’s likely your competitors will be checking up on you as well – so be cautious! Be sure to have well-trained and informed booth staff with a solid plan on how to quickly distinguish serious leads from the potential undercover agents your competitors are sending over to your booth!

Although the opportunity to engage with your competitors is tempting, don’t get too caught up in doing so. Remember, your main objective of exhibiting is to increase business by having a successful trade show and generating plenty of qualified leads.

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