What Are Your Top 3 Trade Show Challenges?


We’re celebrating thirty years this year, and we want to share our knowledge of successful exhibiting practices with anyone who might need a boost in their trade show program. We try to do this already by curbing our content and focusing on successful exhibiting strategies. In order to make sure we’re still on topic and answering your trade show questions, we would like for you to take a quick moment and let us know what you might be struggling with in your trade show program.

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See, exhibiting at a trade show is a lot like having a baby. It’s 9 months (or more!) of hard work preparing for your show date, aka delivery date.  Then the day finally arrives and it’s a flutter of crazy activity and by the end of it, you’re exhausted and sore all over. Now you have a brand new bundle of joy in the form of qualified leads and you get to spend the next few weeks, and even months, nurturing them. Congratulations, you have a beautiful new client/buyer! And it begins all over again. So we know that exhibiting is hard work, and exhibiting successfully is even harder. So whether you’re thinking about exhibiting or are a die-hard trade show guru, we want to know what your challenges are. We know you have them, everyone has them, so spill!

Not only will your answers help us to design better content around your challenges in an effort to provide solutions, but at the very least, we can educate others who might be struggling with this on successful practices for achieving your end-goal.

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1. Check out our resource center. We might have already published something to help with one of your challenges.

2. Sign our guest book! We’d love to hear from you, and look forward to celebrating the big 3-0 with our clients and friends!

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