How to Engage Millennial Employees with your Company’s Trade Show Goals

The last few weeks we’ve talked about getting young new hires on board with working the trade show floor. Today, we want to talk about ways to get your new hires on board with your company’s trade show goals.

conference romTraditionally, how companies shared their goals was dependent upon the company culture, and this is an important part of the training process. However, with millennial employees, it may be necessary to re-think your education process.

When you’re educating your new hires on your company message, you want to make sure that you’re building the kind of excitement that you want to see them displaying on the exhibit floor. If you present your brand’s mission in a stagnant manner, your new hires are going to present it to prospects in the same way. If you can think outside of the box, and bring it to them in a way that excites them and gets them passionate and engaged in your message, they’re going to convey that excitement to your prospects.

In short, the key to making sure that your new hires become your best and brightest brand ambassadors is to give them a reason to be a part of that brand. Let them see how it benefits them, and how it relates to them and to the community that they are a part of.

You see, for all that your young, bright, and shiny new hires have grown up as part of this digital world, they still enjoy being members of something. Members of a community, or a peer group, or members of a company whose brand means more to them than just the logo on their paycheck. Making your employees feel like they are an essential part of your company is going to make them feel like they are part of something bigger, and there is no better way to build loyalty in an employee today. On the trade show floor, loyalty shows. You can tell the difference between someone who is loyal and engaged with the company he works for, versus someone who feels like he’s just a warm body filling a role.

trade show successAs those employees begin to feel like they are an integral part of things within the company, it will become much easier for that enthusiasm to become infectious. You will see miraculous things during your trade show if you can just engage your employees in a way that shows you value their contributions. After all, your brand depends on it.

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