Effectively Use Space in Your Trade Show Booth

Blank trade show exhibit maximizing space

One of the biggest challenges of designing a trade show booth is knowing how much space you’ll have and how much will be usable. You always want to maximize your space without you, your team, and potential leads feeling crowded.

When designing your trade show booth this year, you’ll want to keep these four tips in mind.

1. Make the Most of Your Vertical Space

One of the best ways to utilize and maximize the space in your booth is by going vertical. Wall space is prime real estate for signage, shelves, and other displays. Using the ceiling for your banners and other important information quickly gets people’s attention inside and outside the booth. The objective is for people to be intrigued enough to find out more. Using different heights for wall displays can also help people see more of what you offer. The first impression is the one that lasts.

2. Maximize Floor Space With Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture can also help you maximize your space. Hidden storage within a counter, storage in kiosks or pedestals, and lightweight pieces can be quickly moved and adapted. You can also invest in modular furniture, which can be modified anytime during the show. This level of flexibility is beneficial not only for you but to your audience as well.

3. Strategically Place Your Product Displays

Strategically-placed product displays can create a clear traffic flow in your trade show booth. Grouping related products together, alternating high and low displays, and creating real-life settings helps customers see how they can use your products. 

Including a dedicated area where product demonstrations can take place also adds a live component that connects the customers to what you’re selling. Point-of-purchase displays and kiosks next to the displays will also keep customers moving throughout the booth, focusing on the items you want to bring the most attention to.

The important factor to remember is that everything on display should have a specific goal, whether that’s telling your brand story, showcasing new products and services, or highlighting a problem your company helped solve.

Remember—have enough displays to keep your audience engaged, but don’t include so many that they become visually overwhelmed. Knowing the right balance means knowing your target audience. What is your target audience looking for? What types of questions do they have? And how can your products or services solve a common problem they’re experiencing?

4. Incorporate Technology Into Your Booth Design

Woman using interactive empty white touchscreen display kiosk at exhibition

Most trade show booth designs will also incorporate interactive components beyond live demonstrations.

The lighting of your display is also a huge factor. If there are particular displays you want your audience to interact with first, you can use lighting to enhance these displays. Create an experience for your audience similar to the buyer journey. Where do you want the audience to go first? After they interact with the display, what should they do next?

Incorporating interactive technology can also be better for certain audiences who don’t like engaging with traditional literature, including brochures and catalogs. When your audience is required to take some action, including using virtual reality to test a product, using a kiosk to customize a design, or playing a game, it increases the chance that they’ll remember the experience and who provided that experience—you!

Types of interactive technology you could incorporate into your design include video walls, which can help you tell your brand’s story, virtual reality, 3D printers, touchscreen tablets, and kiosks.

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