10 Life Hacks to improve your trade show!

What the heck are “life hacks”? Well, simply put – they’re a low-budget and often “MacGyver-like” solution to time-management and efficiency.  They take things and re-purpose them into something else or for use with something else. Don’t worry if you’re still drawing a blank, the pictures below will make it click for you. So these are 10 life hacks to improve your trade show.

This “Exhibitor Edition”  means we know how important it is to get back for you even a few minutes of your valuable time, especially on the show floor, when time is of the essence. So we’ve browsed the thousands of potential life hacks (seriously, there are thousands – check it out on Google, sometime) for those that we think could lend a hand in successful exhibiting. These life hacks are meant especially for you, whether you’re getting ready for the big show, or already on the show floor. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share them with other exhibitors, and friends!

5 Life hacks to do before the show:

Troy Michigan Trade Show Display Tips










Trade show set up tips from Detroit Mi










Tips for trade show exhibitors in Michigan










Tips for trade show exhibitors










Trade show help in Troy, Mi









5 Life hacks to do on the show floor:

Trade show tips for Detroit michigan exhibitors

Trade show display company gives tips to success

Wear comfortable shoes during a trade show

Use your trade show name tag as card holder

Trade show lead follow up tips

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