The Hunger Games & Trade Shows: A Two-Minute Survival Guide

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Ask a business owner what it’s like to be successful and they’ll tell you it’s rewarding, but tough! Between competition, economic pitfalls, social media changing the marketing and advertising scene, and consumers becoming influencers with big, loud voices… it can sometimes feel like you’re constantly fighting for show trends

Trade shows are a great opportunity to further that success. They can also feel somewhat like a battle. So align yourself with main characters Katniss and Peeta from the popular books (and now movies), The Hunger Games. Heading into the arena they were in need of a survival guide, and heading into the show, you are too.



Detroit trade show display companyMaximize your strengths: Katniss excelled at archery. That’s the tool she used to survive in the arena. She didn’t waste valuable time trying to be good at everything. What’s the tool you’ll use to survive the show? There’s a reason you’re exhibiting. You believe in your product and your brand, and you want to convince others that you have the best or are the best i.e. their best solution. Make a list of your product or company strengths; don’t try to be everything to everyone. This comprehensive list is what your company excels at and what you’re going to use to beat out your competition.

Appeal to your target market: Katniss and Peeta had to put on a show for the audience watching at home to receiveWhat my trade show target market gifts, and ultimately survive. Think about your audience at a show (attendees). What’s important to them? Design your trade show booth displays with your consumers in mind. Create an inviting and welcoming booth space and show attendees will want to come in and learn more, turning your efforts into success.


trade show trendsMake the show Gods happy: Okay, Katniss defied the Capitol, and survived, but you don’t want to take any chances. Make sure you know all the rules before committing to each show. Always, always have a Plan B. What would you do if you set up your captivating custom trade show display and the fire marshal came by and told you to take it all down? Exhibitor Magazine shares a hilarious and serious story reminding all exhibitors to check the fire codes and to have a backup plan, One Man’s Trash Bags.


So now that you’re equipped, enter the arena.. err.. exhibit hall…

Detroit trade show exhibit designtrade show success plan

To Recap:

1. Don’t pretend to be everything your client needs. Instead, focus on your strengths.

2. Design your custom trade show display with your customer in mind. What do they want? What interests and attracts them?

3. Always know what the show rules are, and always have a Plan B.

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