Must Do Social Media Tips for Your Next Trade Show

So by now you have, hopefully, adopted some kind of social media plan into your overall trade show program, right? There are a million helpful articles out there to offer guidance if you haven’t gotten started yet, but the main thing is that you get started.

Ultimately, investing in social media can impact your trade show ROI. Boosting trade show engagement and earning increased exposure are two big things social media can do you for you. If you’re on Twitter, you can use Twitter hashtags before, during and after your trade show. What about Facebook and LinkedIn? Here are some simple methods to ensure you’re getting the most from your social media efforts.


Just like Google is always changing its algorithm, so is Facebook, and that can really discourage you from investing time there for your trade show. So only a handful of people are actually seeing your exciting posts, but there are ways to combat this, and they don’t include paying for advertised posts.

How often does a person check out your FB page after they’ve ‘Liked’ it? Rarely, if ever, actually… so showing up in their news feed is something you want to be doing. You can do that by posting, yes, but more effectively by:

  • Maximizing your prime real estate! You cover photo is your opportunity to share what’s new and exciting with your followers. Upcoming webinar? Upcoming trade show? Design a quick new cover photo ( makes it super easy), and voila! Not to mention that algorithm problem we discussed earlier: when you update your cover photo all of your followers get a notification in their newsfeed.
  • Updating your profile picture!  Your followers will also get a notification when you change your profile picture, so take advantage of that and change it wisely.



How have you been using your LinkedIn company page? Are you just posting updates and expecting the world? Here are a few LinkedIn reminders to help you boost your traffic and engagement:

  • Talk TO, not AT, people! If you’re just posting updates through your company page, you’re missing out on what LinkedIn is really good at – engaging with others. Find relevant groups, create discussions within the group and drive traffic from there back to your company page. Don’t be spammy, offer value, and don’t forget to comment on other people’s discussions and add some value there, too. After all a group is a mini community and you’re there to give a little and take a little, equally.


  • Maximize your prime real estate! Just like your cover photo on FB, you should be updating the image that acts as a kind of header on your company page. Use it as a call to action that can drive people from LinkedIn to your latest content offer, blog post or website.





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