Winning ways to use your trade show display during the off season

Your trade show booth display is an investment; an expensive investment. The average trade show booth display should account for 15-20% of your overall trade show budget. That could trade show ROIequate to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars that’s just sitting around between shows, collecting dust.

Whether you’re exhibiting at one show a year, or six, there’s going to be some downtime where your exhibit isn’t being used. Maybe you’ve partnered with an exhibit company, like GraphiColor Exhibits, and your display hardware and graphics are safety stored away until they are needed for the next show. There are better ways, and additional opportunities for you to use your investment outside of your trade shows and conferences. Here are some suggestions for getting that display out of the crate and back into action, all year-long.

Some winning ways to use your trade show display during the off season:

Automationa Alley Banner Stands

1. Banner Stands are versatile and powerful marketing tools. They’re also pretty small and compact compared to larger displays. So use that to your advantage, and put them up all over your corporate office; especially effective if you have visitors dropping by that can see them. You can also transport them fairly easily and take them with you in the car, or on the plane to your regional sales meetings or speaking engagements. In addition, here are 20 crafty ways to just use and re-use just your banner stands


2. Portable Display Systems are lightweight and quicker to set up. These types of displays would make an excellent backdrop if you’re doing a video clip because they can be moved around easily.  Giving a last-minute presentation? Set up your portable display to help effectively deliver your branding and marketing message. Take your pop-up display wall or other portable elements with you to press events, recruiting and networking events.


10 x 20 Inline Truss Design


3. Modular Display Systems are solid, impressive structures. These look great in your lobby, meeting room, or show room. As they take time to set up and tear down, you should aim to select a spot where the display system can live for a longer period of time.  Or, just put up a small section of your display – this is a great option for modular display systems on the show floor or off.


Next steps:

1. Take a look at your existing display, think about how you can use it when it’s not at your trade shows or conferences. Put it into motion!

2. Stale graphics translates to poor impressions. Here are ways to revamp a stale booth space.

3. Ready to start looking at banner stands, portable display systems or modular display systems? Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to take you on a tour of our showroom.

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