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Renting vs. Purchasing your Display, What’s Right for You?

Making the decision to move from rental exhibits to custom exhibits can seem intimidating. Exhibitors may be concerned at the initial cost. However, there are some key factors that you can take into consideration as you make this decision. Weighing the cost versus benefit is an important aspect of determining the next steps in your […]

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5 Reasons to use professional Install/Dismantle Firms

David Holladay, with our good friends at ExpoDisplays, recently published a blog entitled 5 Reasons to use professional Install/Dismantle Firms. We thought it was such good advice that it was certainly worth sharing, as is, with you. To read the post by David, continue reading below as we’ve copied it for you. 5 Reasons to […]

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Dress Up your Trade Show Booth

Last year we posted a blog that encouraged exhibitors to revamp a stale display by adding technology to the booth space. That still holds. Video monitors, mobile apps, iPads and kiosks, social media integration, LED lighting or motion lighting, and interactive media to name a few, are all great ways to spark new interest if […]

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Winning ways to use your trade show display during the off season

Your trade show booth display is an investment; an expensive investment. The average trade show booth display should account for 15-20% of your overall trade show budget. That could equate to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars that’s just sitting around between shows, collecting dust. Whether you’re exhibiting at one show a year, or […]

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Exhibiting 101: THIS not THAT

We see the THIS not THAT model all the time. Think about fashion magazines where two celebrities are wearing the same dress, yet one is deemed the “Winner”. Or, more popularly advertised, are the food ads and dieting guides that advise you to eat THIS not THAT… there’s even an app for that. So while […]

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