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Stress – “The Brain Drain”

A few weeks ago, we published an article titled, “Have you read your Exhibitor Services Manual?” where we talked about how the manual is so important to read and go over because it contains crucial information to assist you in your planning for your event. The following week, we went all the way to the […]

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Using Twitter Hashtags (#) During Your Trade Show

Using social media before, during and after your trade show presents you with a unique opportunity to have targeted and specific conversations, real-time, with prospects and clients. Social media can have a big impact on your ROI. We definitely believe in using social media as part of your trade show marketing plan, and here’s a […]

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3 Qualities Most Successful Trade Show Exhibit Managers Have in Common

In general, we could populate an entire list with attributes associated to successful leaders. Consider your own qualities. Are you friendly, conversational, personable? When networking, do people flock to you? Do they shy away because you’re giving off the “back off” vibe, unknowingly of course? Have you ever stopped to think about what traits are […]

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