Make your portable display setup a “sweat free” experience!

This week our blog comes to you from GraphiColor’s Assistant Production Manager, Rob Marchesotti. Thanks for the input, Rob! We recently had the opportunity to accompany one of our clients to their trade show. Our team had designed a beautiful booth for the expo, and we were also handling installation, shipping, and the dismantle of […]

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Technology brings your trade show display into the 21st Century!

In a world driven by technology, we hear often about the importance of having an updated website in order to effectively communicate your brand and your message. Your website changes and evolves to remain competitive and relevant – and so should your trade show display! Much like your website, your trade show display booth is […]

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The Hunger Games & Trade Shows: A Two-Minute Survival Guide

Ask a business owner what it’s like to be successful and they’ll tell you it’s rewarding, but tough! Between competition, economic pitfalls, social media changing the marketing and advertising scene, and consumers becoming influencers with big, loud voices… it can sometimes feel like you’re constantly fighting for it. Trade shows are a great opportunity to […]

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6 Lesson Plans for the Fall Trade Show Season

It’s that time of year again! Gone are the long summer days of pool parties and ice cream, as we welcome fall and all its offerings, including a new school year! I still remember my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Silver, who was one of my favorites. (In fact, we are now Facebook friends!) She always […]

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Is there still value in exhibiting at a trade show?

All together now, YES! According to Exhibit Surveys Inc.’s annual Trade Show Trends report, exhibitors should be busy (cheering!) and planning their trade show schedule after seeing a significant industry bounce back in 2012. Sales drive business and 84% of attendees walking the trade show floor can influence the purchasing decision-maker or are the purchasing […]

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Tchotchkes for everyone!

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of content hitting the web built around trade show promotions. And for good reason, giveaways are a big deal, and people love them. No, don’t shake your head and pretend you don’t love free swag, because we know you keep a small drawer at work or home where tchotchkes […]

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How social media impacts your trade show ROI

If you are participating in industry trade shows, you are likely also – and possibly unknowingly getting your brand some attention via social media. If you’ve already experienced some success at trade shows or conventions, then it’s time to kick it up a notch and consider these trade show tips to get more visitors to […]

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