Pre-Show Marketing: Email that Lives

It’s a myth that email is dead. No, really, you’re probably checking your email even as you read this. Sure, you delete a ton of it without ever opening it – but that’s because it had a terrible subject line, was uninteresting, irrelevant or all of the above. Here’s the thing, good, valuable, useful email […]

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3 Things I Found at EXHIBITOR2014

A few weeks ago I posted a blog called 3 Things I Want from EXHIBITOR2014. Well, the world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketers has come and gone, and boy…. was it a blast! But, did I get from the conference everything I had hoped to? What were some of my […]

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Easy Tips for Trade Show Planning

The lack of creative time is a frequent topic of conversation amongst our friends who work at Detroit agencies, marketing firms, film production companies and graphic design firms. The process of design takes time. You’ve heard the expression, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, your trade show display can’t be either! A well-crafted booth […]

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3 Things I Want from EXHIBITOR2014

The world conference and exhibition for trade show and corporate event marketers is just around the corner! EXHIBITOR2014 is only 26 days away, and I’m excited. As the newest marketing hire at GraphiColor Exhibits, I thought for certain I’d be sitting this amazing conference out my first year on the job. Boy, was I pleasantly […]

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MultiQuad Modular Display Takes the Cake & Eats it Too

We don’t usually write something to toot our own horn, but we’re excited to toot it for this trade show booth display: the MultiQuad display system! Okay, okay, let’s back up. You know, start at the beginning. We have a fabulous client, ND Industries, Inc, and they came to us with a problem. After nine […]

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Are you ready to start exhibiting at trade shows?

You’ve always been ready to start exhibiting at trade shows, you just didn’t know it. Trade shows provide a unique opportunity for businesses. Thanks to MarketingProfs and Act-On, in a survey of more than 19,000 North American marketers one of the top two marketing activities contributing to the sales pipeline is Tradeshows and Events at […]

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Outdated Trade Show Graphics Translate into Poor Impressions

What started out as the best trade show display ever… ten years ago, could now be dead weight dragging you under at your trade shows. An entire re-do might be necessary, but if you’re pinching pennies this year, some simple upgrades might be enough to give that outdated display (or outdated trade show graphics) the […]

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