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Planning on using an iPad at your next trade show? 5 tips to follow

I recently attended a trade show and I was not surprised when I saw the increase of technology being used in booth after booth. In addition to both regular and touchscreen monitors, I noticed a strong presence of iPads. They were practically flooding the show floor! I saw them being used as Kiosks and lead […]

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Trade Show Success Starts With the Invitation

You can successfully drive attendance to your trade show booth — and reap the rewards of your efforts with new customers and a spike in sales. How? By avoiding the single biggest mistake that most businesses make before appearing at a trade show: they fail to prepare initiatives that must occur before, during and after […]

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Time for an upgrade? Use technology in your trade show booth space

If you’ve made the decision to exhibit, you still have to do your best to stand out on the trade show floor, and appeal to all those future customers walking the show. Along with the question of “why” should i exhibit, also ask yourself: “How can I make my booth memorable?” Having a professional looking […]

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Your Trade Show Display Booth – is it time to make a change?

Your trade show display booth is the first thing attendees see when on the trade show floor – and those first impressions are what will make or break your exhibiting success. When was the last time you took a really good look at your current display booth? Is it time to make a change? Here are […]

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10 impressive statistics to back your trade show marketing program

Often times, trade shows are hyped as the ultimate business-to-business marketing component and sales mechanism without any data to support it. At our Open House last week, we shared a presentation that gave impressive statistics on the ROI of exhibiting at trade shows. Here are a few more key statistics that were previously published by […]


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