Trade Show Tips

10 Life Hacks to improve your trade show!

What the heck are “life hacks”? Well, simply put – they’re a low-budget and often “MacGyver-like” solution to time-management and efficiency.  They take things and re-purpose them into something else or for use with something else. Don’t worry if you’re still drawing a blank, the pictures below will make it click for you. So these […]

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Graphic Design tips for Small Trade Show Booth Spaces

If your company tends to exhibit in smaller booth spaces, your trade show display graphics are of the utmost importance. Booth graphics need to be both eye catching and effective, and get your message and brand across to the attendee in the 3-5 seconds it takes them to glance over your booth on the show […]

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Trade Show Theft: 3 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself Pre-Show, At-Show and Post-Show

Shhh! Trade show theft is often the white elephant in the room. Despite exhibitors’ best efforts, it can still exist, and no one wants to think about it, much less talk about it. As an exhibitor, you’ve probably asked some version of this question: “What’s security like on the trade show floor?” Oh, it’s great! […]

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The Hunger Games & Trade Shows: A Two-Minute Survival Guide

Ask a business owner what it’s like to be successful and they’ll tell you it’s rewarding, but tough! Between competition, economic pitfalls, social media changing the marketing and advertising scene, and consumers becoming influencers with big, loud voices… it can sometimes feel like you’re constantly fighting for it. Trade shows are a great opportunity to […]

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6 Lesson Plans for the Fall Trade Show Season

It’s that time of year again! Gone are the long summer days of pool parties and ice cream, as we welcome fall and all its offerings, including a new school year! I still remember my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Silver, who was one of my favorites. (In fact, we are now Facebook friends!) She always […]

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Intellectual Property: Why it matters to the trade show industry

Type anything your heart desires into a search bar using any popular search engine, and in less than one second, you are taken to a database with a seemingly infinite amount of results from all over the world that are connected to the topic you searched for. If you click on any of the result options, more […]

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